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Marine Aviators

AMA is the first documentary feature in history produced exclusively about the lives of U.S. Marine Corps aviation, and is composed of more than 90% original footage.

The film was made with the official assistance and cooperation of the United States Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. The production was granted unprecedented historic access to Navy and Marine Corps personnel, facilities, ships and aircraft.


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The film premiered on PBS in Nebraska on Veteran’s Day 2009 as a special tribute to America’s military veterans, and was the opening documentary featured at the 3rd Annual 2009 G.I. Film Festival in Washington D.C.

The film was directed by Dana Altman, award-winning feature and documentary filmmaker. Dana is the grandson of legendary film director Robert Altman. 

The film was produced by nationally recognized media personality and radio talk show host Jeff Bolton. 

AMA has well established presence on the internet at


Jeff Bolton - Producer

Dana Altman - Producer